North Hampshire Road Club

NHRC has two WhatsApp groups for club runs.


The NHRC Club Rides group - is used for information about the scheduled club run: 

  • Communicate road conditions on the morning 
  • Whether it is recommended for the ride to go ahead

When weather conditions are less than ideal and you are unsure if the run is going ahead, the group leaders will issue a recommendation on the ride proceeding or not, via the NHRC Rides WhatsApp group.

This advice is for your information, it is entirely your own decision on how to proceed and act on your own judgement. However, you should be aware that if a recommendation is given for the ride not to proceed, then the ride leaders will not be present at the meeting point.


The NHRC General group chat - is for those who want to discuss or post anything.


You have to join the groups to be included. To do this please forward your preferred mobile number to Karen, who has kindly agreed to act as administrator of the group (e mail address below).

You have to have a WhatsApp account to be able to use the group.