North Hampshire Road Club

Monday Night Rides - Start Date- Monday 14th May 2018


Meet point  The Mole Inn Monk Sherborne.  18:30 meet to start at 18:45


Important Information

If you are not already a club member you will be required to fill out the disclaimer/membership application form shown below which can be downloaded here .

North Hampshire Road Club is a cycling club made up of non-competitive and competitive cyclists from the Basingstoke and surrounding area. NHRC promotes responsible road cycling and mountain biking on all of our organised rides and events. 

  1. I agree to ride responsibly while touring/training/racing on all public roads, tracks and trails. 
  2. I agree to abide by the instructions given to me by the ride leader on all organised rides. 
  3. I agree to represent the club in a positive manner. 
  4. We strongly advise you to wear a Cycle Helmet on our organised rides, as its not law in the UK, but we do recommend that you wear one for your own safety. 
  5. Club Membership of the North Hampshire Road Club runs annually from 1st January. £20.00 per year for a First claim Membership (excluding CTC 3rd party insurance). £10.00 Second claim Membership, Youth Membership free.
  6. You should accept responsibility for your own conduct and safety (including the safety of your bicycle and other equipment) during club activities. You take part in club rides entirely at your own risk. We strongly recommend that you take out appropriate third party insurance for your own sake. Membership of British Cycling or the CTC can offer you this form of cover and you're supporting cycling in this country too.


I wish to join North Hampshire Road Club (NHRC) for the year 2017. I acknowledge that cycling is a physical activity that requires good conditioning. I understand and accept that cycling on public roads, tracks and trails carries the potential for injury or death. The risks include, but not limited to, those caused by terrain, temperature, weather, equipment, vehicular traffic, and other cyclists. I hereby assume all the risks of participating in cycling as a member of NHRC. I certify that I am physically fit, have sufficient riding experience and have not been advised otherwise by a qualified medical person. 

Rider Information

Rider's Name  
Emergency Contact Telephone Number  
Email Address  
Home Telephone Number  
Riding Level Fitness / Fun Touring / Leisure Race / Competetive

Group riding

These guidelines are in addition to the Highway Code.

Group Ride Guidelines

1. No more than two riders side-by-side.

2. Ride about ½ wheel behind the rider in front -to avoid overlapping wheels if they get out of the saddle or brake. Wheel overlap is the biggest cause of crashes in groups.

3. Ride slightly to the side of the wheel in front, as this gives you much better visibility of the road ahead.

4. Use calls to communicate if you are at the front/back and repeat these if you are further back/forward for all riders who may not be able to see the hazard. Calls and what they mean:

  • Hole! - A pothole that might cause a rim-puncture, usually accompanied by pointing it out or “on the left/right/middle”.
  • Gravel! Ice! Oil! - A patch of slippery stuff is on the road, especially useful to know before corners.
  • Puncture! - I have a puncture and need to stop.
  • Car up! - a car is overtaking us.
  • Car down! - a car is approaching us from the front and we may need to move further to the left.
  • Single out! - the road conditions are unsuitable for two riders side by side.
  • Out! - move out into the road to avoid an obstruction on the side.
  • Horse! - slow down and move out to overtake when safe.
  • Left! or Right! - with L/R hand signal as per Highway Code.
  • Stopping!  - possibly with hand up –for stopping.
  • Steady!  - slow the pace a bit.

5. The riders at the front are the pace-makers and determine the speed of the group which may be pre-arranged or judged during the ride. Aim to keep the pace such that no-one gets dropped on the hills.

6. When the riders in front have finished their turn, they (or one of them) will move off to the side, slow down and signal the riders behind to ride through. –Don’t be tempted to accelerate! Rely on the old lead riders to drop back (to maintain the group pace).

7. Do not attempt Strava segments in a group ride unless everyone has agreed to this before the ride.

8. If the ride is too slow/fast for you, discuss this with the group.

9. If you want to leave the group, let at least one of the group know before you leave.

10. If there is an accident, everyone must stop to help/seek assistance/witness if required.

11. In poor weather it is advisable to use full mudguards.