North Hampshire Road Club

Wessex Cyclo-cross league round 13

Richie Bremner

Jan. 20, 2016

It was Down the M3 to Botley near Southampton again this weekend , this great venue at the YMCA centre hosting us, a revised course running anti clockwise around the park and woodland. With the course having recently been used by the wessex league a good deal of the course was new ,as the ground previously used hadn't recovered, so we weren't sure what to expect, but it was a good course, with a few sections with nice green grass, but that didn't last long! 
The woods were ankle deep in mud which was sort of run-ride -run with a tricky descent back down to the short road section before heading back into more mud, puddles and a bike shouldering climb , again in ankle deep mud. On top of all that it was freezing as anyone out on a bike on Sunday would know, once you were moving it was fine but trying to warm up was tough, the Cotswald team had a Luton transit with rollers in the back, big budget racing...aaaah.
We only had Harj in the vet40 race who said he found it so exhausting that he was barely able to get back on his bike after the run sections towards the end of the race, but he gave us some priceless info on how the course was running , bits to watch etc, all very useful. Nick Onslow had a great ride for 3rd vet and 4th overall, he's obviously cured the problems he was having with his DI2.
Next up was the vet50 followed by the women 2 minutes later, I can't help but chuckle as we line up and some of the vets look back at the women lining up for gridding and moan (in a light hearted way) about how quickly they're going to get over taken , there were 17 women lined up behind us, amazing considering the weather and the ground conditions. No Anthony this week, he was on looking after his wife Julie duty who has sadly broken her foot, speedy recovery Julie. So just Steve and myself and around 30 others. I had a great start, as did Steve and we quickly got in to the groove of things, a lead group got away with a few us chasing hard, and the laps went by and for the first time ever I used two bikes with Tony, James and Les pitting for the team, this is such a help in these conditions, in the end I probably had my finest race ever, but it was the girls who really excelled, with a clean sweep on the podium, amazing stuff, and the podium presentation descended into a riot of fun and joviality, just right for a cold miserable day!
The senior race was a totally dominated by Sam Allen, he got a fifty yard gap and just built on that, in the end lapping everyone bar 12 riders, although Tony could have avoided it but let himself get caught so as not to do another lap , James, ah James, if he added up the time he spent pulling up his baggy trousers which were getting weighed down with mud and water he would catapult up the order, but chapeau to the pair of them for great rides, Tony was in front of Chris Minter for a while, and stayed close throughout the race. Big thank you to Les and Trish , and Andy Murphy , for the support, it is really appreciated 
56 starters

LIAM HARRIS 17th Palmer park velo
35 starters 

VET 40/junior
Nick Onslow 4th PEDALON 
Tim Hyde 7th PEDALON 
Harj Obhi 43 rd NHRC
57 starters

Dave Mucmellen 1st Cotswald veldrijen 
Andy Cracknell 5th PEDALON 
Richie Bremner 12th NHRC
Steve Robinson 15 th NHRC
31 starters

Sarah Barber 1st NHRC
Susan Parker 2nd NHRC
Tracy Cornell 3rd NHRC
Rebecca Wilson 11th NHRC 2nd vet lady
17 starters

Sam Allen 1st PEDALON 
Karl Norfolk 3rd PEDALON 
Jamie Norfolk 7th PEDALON 
Tony Parker 13th NHRC
James Evans 18th NHRC